MY International Carnatic Music & Dance Competitions

MY International Carnatic Music & Dance Competitions

Date: 12 – 13 December 2020
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: Zoom

  1. Carnatic Vocal
  2. Carnatic Instrumental
  3. Classical Dance
  4. Multimedia
  5. Role Play as an Indian Composer
  6. Fancy Dress

Age Categories

Sub Junior (SJ) – 6 to 9 yrs
Junior (J) – 10 to 13 yrs
Sub Senior (SS) – 14 to 17 yrs
Senior (S) – 18 yrs and above

*Age is determined by the year of birth

Participation Fee

For 1 category:
Participating Fee for Malaysia / India – RM 40
Participating Fee for other than Malaysia / India – USD 20

For 2 categories or more:
Participating Fee for Malaysia / India – RM70
Participating Fee for other than Malaysia / India – USD30

Competition Guidelines

  1. Competition is open to participants globally.
  2. Competition will be held Online.
  3. Only Individual (Solo) participation is allowed.
  4. For Vocal Competitions – Shruti box to be prepared by Participant. No accompaniment instruments are allowed.
  5. Vocal & Instrument participants will be given ONE workshop by internationally acclaimed musician before the Competition.
  6. Traditional attire is recommended for live competitions.
  7. Participants will be contacted for prize claims within a week after the announcement of winners.
  8. All participants will be awarded e-Certificates of Participation. Winners will be awarded e-Certificates of Achievement.
  9. Prizes: 3 winners per Age Category
    • 1st USD 30 / RM100,
    • 2nd USD 20 / RM70
    • 3rd  USD 10 /RM50)
    • Carnatic Star Award – USD 70 /RM300
  10. Carnatic Star Award: There will be potentially ONE Carnatic Star each for Vocal and Instrumental. Carnatic Star can be declared only if the performers meet the criteria.
  11. Decision of the judges will be final and no appeal will be entertained at any level.
  12. Please read this Competition Guidelines carefully before application. To apply, please register Online through the website before 1 November 2020. Late registrations will not be entertained.
  13. Bank details for Participation Fee payment
    Acct Name: Sugam Culture & Heritage Berhad
    Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Petaling Jaya Main)
    Account Number: 5641 6443 6231
    Swift Code: MBBEMYKLXXX
  1. Payment through Paypal:
    Payment id,


  • Participation in the competition implies that participants accept these rules. Non-compliance with the rules results in the automatic cancellation of the participation in the competition and of the candidacy for the prize.
  • Inaccurate or dishonest declarations, or any fraud, results in the participant’s disqualification.
  • The Organiser has the right to print/exhibit/promote/use all submitted work for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • The Organiser assumes no liability in case the internet network, phone lines, or any reception tool dysfunctions and prevents the effective functioning of the competition.
  • Moreover; its responsibility will not be engaged for problems related to the transport, reception or loss of mail or e-mail.
  • The Organiser assumes no liability in case of technical, material or software malfunction or defect (virus, bug) affecting the participants’ computer system or computer equipment and data, and the related consequences on their professional, personal or commercial activity.
  • The Organiser will be able to, at any point in time, notably for technical reasons or for updates and maintenance, interrupt access to its website and the competition it contains.
  • The Organiser will in no case be responsible for these interruptions and their consequences. No compensation can be claimed on these grounds.

Thank you for your participation.


Shri Sashikiran Narasimhan (India)

Host, Musician, scholar, composer, arts promoter, voice expert, author and daily columnist
Sashikiran Narasimhan (K N Shashikiran)


One of the most sought after musician, scholar, and composer, arts promoter, entrepreneur, voice expert, teacher, author and daily columnist. Most of all, a very enterprising, energetic and innovative thinker with over 40 years of performing experience and 30 years of experience in teaching music globally to over 1000 students. Dedicated and accomplished honorary doctorate with a solid academic background in Carnatic music. Had the privilege of learning from stalwarts Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.Brinda, T.Viswanathan and Calcutta K S Krishnamurthy. 

Being successful as a concert musician and a very well-known artist of the present generation, had over 20 years of successful experience in management, administration, co-ordination, public relations, concept-designing and marketing.

Child Prodigy and Performer

Hailing from a family of accomplished musicians, Grandfather Gottuvadyam Narayana Iyengar was a legend in his times, and father 'Chitravina' Narasimhan, a musician with a vision and mission and brother ‘Chitravina' Ravikiran’, an internationally acclaimed genius. Stormed the music world as a child prodigy at the age of 2, identifying melodic scales(ragas), demonstrate complicated rhythms (talas) and answer other technical questions in Carnatic music.

With the first vocal concert at the age of 9, is an established vocalist with a vast experience of over 5000 concerts including lecture-demonstrations, jugalbandi and fusion concerts in prominent organizations in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. 

Adept in playing the percussion instrument - Mridangam, having trained under the late Palghat Sundaram. 

Having made an international mark as a vocalist and scholar, currently performing vocal duet concerts along with cousin 'Chitravina' Ganesh Parthsarathy and popularly known as the “Carnatica Brothers”.

Work in promoting Hindu tradition and music

Has done significant work in promoting and preserving Hindu musical forms, by performing Katha-Kutcheris with U.Ve. Dushyant Sridhar and Sankeertana Kutcheris with Shenkottai Hari Bhagavathar in India and across US. As an organiser, has conceptualised and  organised hugely successful events such as Bhakti Sangeet Utsav and Global Heritage Festival featuring devotional music performances, Harikatha, Namasankeertanam, Sankeertana Kutcheri, Katha Kutcheri, Sant Prahavam and more. Is actively looking to propagate these art forms further by organising performances in temples across TamilNadu so that they reach more people. 

Arts Promoter


Composed a period music to recreate the melodic modes of 2nd century music for “Silapathikaram”, an age old Tamil epic for a dance ballet. This was a big hit.

Composed varnam’s & tillana’s and tuned over 100 compositions of modern composers - Kalyani Krishnaswamy and Dr.Brazil Subramaniam. Has also tuned several “Sai Keerthana’s”, “Tiruppugazh” and 14th and 15 century works of Purandaradasa and Annamayya. In all, tuned over 350 songs and scored background music for several thematic albums. Has been featured in over 25 music albums as solo and as “Carnatica Brothers”, including fusion and some collaborations with musician Dr.Sowmya.

Trendsetter - Techno Musical Achievements

Carnatica Archival Center for Music

Entrepreneur and Event Management


Teaching Experience

Teaching practical music for over 30 years. Expertise in giving over 500 lecture-demonstration’s in several universities across the globe. Visiting faculty, workshops on voice culture and music therapy along with concerts in many venues in the USA

Voice Consultant and Music Therapy

Mathematics and Science in music


Social Worker

Countries Performed

Travelled and performed extensively in over 30 states in the USA, 5 states in Canada, extensive traveling in the UK, Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Luxemburg), entire Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Castle, New Zealand – Auckland and Hamilton, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East - Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha and covered the length and breadth of India and Sri Lanka

Performed with Celebrities

Performed concerts along with many celebrity musicians from India and in the USA -Dr.Balamuralikrishna, Aruna Sairam, Sudha Raghunathan, Chitravina N Ravikiran and Prof. T. Viswa. Collaborated and performed with Prof.Leo Coach, Prof.Mark Stone – Oakland Univ, Maya Azucena, and George Brooks. Had the rare privilege of being accompanied by senior musicians including Sangita Kalanidhi Umayalapuram Sivaraman, Palghat R. Raghu, Sangita Kalanidhi T.K.Murthy, Sangita Kalanidhi Vellore Ramabhadran, Guruvayur Dorai, Mannargudi Easwaran, Thiruvarur Bakthavathsalam, K.V.Prasad, Trichur Narendran and Kamalakar Rao on the mridangam and M.S.Anantharaman, Nagai Muralidharan, B.C. Manjunath, M.A.Sundareswaran and V.V.Ravi on the violin

Was the only Carnatic musician to perform along with Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pt.Vishwanath Sharma in IIT Delhi Virasat. This was an all-night program organized by the SPICMACAY

Interviews and TV Shows


Authored popular books including Carnatic Fun Tasktic, Sangita Lipi and is a regular music columnist in leading newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India, The Deccan Chronicle and The New Indian Express

Educational Qualifications

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